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Beautiful Vancouver

Vancouver:  No. 1 in the world for quality of life in recent years

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How many cities in the world can boast this repeated result over the years like Vancouver ? In fact, no city in the world knows how to let live its inhabitants as she does. With its parks, its ordered and moderate traffic, is an international city but never really a metropolis. With the kindness of its public employees, but above all with the magnificent geographical position that makes it a pearl embedded between ocean and mountain, with a bay among the most beautiful in the world… This is what, broadly speaking, makes this city so famous – the quality of life. With a top-level hotel network, which includes great brands of industry such as the Fairmont and the Four Season, Vancouver excels for hospitality. North of famous Sea to Sky Road is Whistler, the paradise of skiers. In fact the 2010 Winter Olympics were held here. Also here you can practice another beautiful outdoor activity, in winter, renting snowmobile and snowcat with guides.
And beautiful trips to the area of Whistler and Blackomb, the two mountains in the area.

Stanley Park


Vancouver is also known for its
many scattered gardens around the city. This is one of the beautiful aspects of life in this city and every Vancouver inhabitant knows it. No doubt the most famous and beautiful of these parks is the famous Stanley Park. Located at the center of the bay on a fist-shaped headland, it overlooks both the English Bay and the Burrard Straits Creek. In the good season, citizens and tourists come here numerous for a spectacular as well as healthy walk, either on foot or by bicycle, along the walking side, the magnificent waterfront promenade walkable for the whole perimeter of park. In this walk you can go to small beautiful beaches that until July are deserted. From here you can also go on a kayak to explore the bay, between seals, oysters and salmon. The park is the site of other interesting opportunities. You can see Totem Pole, the Totem group of the Native Diffusion Culture Center. Within its many footpaths, both on foot and by bike, its forests show wonderful and impressive Red Cedar and Douglas Fir trees, no doubt the most beautiful trees in the West Coast. In the park there are also various historical attractions, such as the Marina home of Canada’s oldest Rowing Clubs, next to the new Cole Harbor port with beautiful yachts. Finally, a fantastic little train for the little ones, and the interesting nature trails that can be crossed with guides along the entire park.


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One of the major attractions of this park is undoubtedly the spectacular and interesting Aquarium where, at the entrance, you can admire the splendid Orca sculpture by Bill Reid, one of Haida’s native sculptors, one of the most important populations of the entire continent. There are the main marine varieties of the entire British Columbia coast, as well as those of some areas outside the local area, such as some tropical areas. But real attractions are the animals of this spectacular area of the planet – a lot of fish such as salmon and halibut, as well as a variety of dolphins, sea lions and marine lions and belugas, the white whales of the Arctic. There is also a series of interactive pools where children can directly experience the charm and beauty of miniature marine environments.

The youth of Vancouver, UBC and MOA

Being a canada alaska tripmulticultural city and internationally recognized as a city of youth and for the young people, Vancouver dedicates to the latter a network of libraries, high school centers and universities among the most advanced throughout North America. There are thousands of students in the world today who choose this city to exchange a school year. Universities, particularly the UBC, the University of British Columbia, are centers of study and research among the most advanced in the world. Its campus also hosts one of the wonders of this city, the MOA – National Anthropological Museum, which collects the best of the culture and art of North American natives, as few in the world, among gigantic ancient totems and masks made with wonderful workmanship, last legacy of a culture that has abandoned, unfortunately forcibly, all habits and traditions. Inside, photographic and documentary archives of value, such as the chronicle of the last Potlach – the ritual annual meetings – which took place more than 60 years ago and subsequently banned by the Canadian government.