Parks and Reserves

The Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia

  Considered the most beautiful rainforest park in the world, the Great Bear Rainforest Park Reserve owes its origin to the strong commitment of the international environmental organization GreenPeace, which in 2004 established the reserve and took care of the financing with a special law.  The Reserve covers over 60,000 square km, a territory between the coast and the Fjords, […]

Excursion to Denali National Park, Alaska

 Denali National Park It is pretty well known to those who have never been to Alaska ,but dreams of one day being able to grant a trip so far. Si ma quali escursioni   organizzare in loco? Al suo interno sono stati istituiti pochi sentieri, ma nessun problema comunque per gli  escursionisti che possono optare per le vie presenti molto  ben […]

Alaska Tour : Denali National Park

Is one of the most popular destinations. Denali National Park is amazing and can be reached along the George R. Parks Highway, near Reley Creek. A more complete excursion is to the Mount McKinley: you have to take one of the shuttle buses-140 km-up to Kantishna, near the Wonder Lake.