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Costa Rica: dream trips into nature in danger

valigia viaggio costa ricaCosta Rica exceeds the wildest imagination in terms of beauty, yet is a paradise in constant danger.

Several efforts have been made in recent years to save the country and to prevent deforestation and abusive creation of resorts and areas dedicated to tourism, yet the fragile local ecosystem is likely still to be altered forever.In Costa Rica banana plantations besiege national parks, on-site will not stop practicing slash-and-burn agriculture and the beaches are overly laden with visitors.One of the local areas of greater protection of flora and fauna is the Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio where is a tropical humid forest, but the animals of the area tend to move at the risk of being killed or become disoriented. In the complicated tropical balance, the loss of one species can fall directly on the entire ecology and the destruction of a section of forest allows non-native species have the best.

In Costa Rica, there was great concern when the forests of Guacanaste have gone up in smoke, because many animals live in very narrow areas and if they lose the original environment are in danger of not making it. This is why thousands die out every year and no one can do anything to stop it. Losing their habitat they are no longer able to reintegrate. Still, the coral reefs are damaged by silt and deposits by pollutants dumped into the sea. Shrimp fishermen violate the waters of the parks. Fortunately, to reverse the trend, the eco-tourism may be useful given that in recent years goes very well all over the world and even more in Costa Rica, but there is still much to be done. Meanwhile, concrete plans for sustainable tourism are being developed to save this part of the world absolutely perfect and wonderful.

Photo Credit: Thinkstock