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Canada and Alaska Grand Tour | British Columbia and Alaska via ferry

British Columbia and Alaska via ferry The Northern Pacific coast between British Columbia and Alaska is a surprising and magnificent land, composed as it is by a kaleidoscope of landscapes. From the wild and stormy coasts of the Pacific west of the Vancouver Island, up to the Charlottes Islands, to the frozen lands of the […]

Travel duration 20 Days - Starting price.. 3.945,00 €
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Wonderful Costa Rica – the Biosphere among Volcanoes and Parks

Into The Wild of Costa Rica –  the Wild Nature of Parks and Biosphere Costa Rica is one of the smallest states in Central America but is rich in extraordinary diversity, consisting of lakes, volcanoes, rain forests and tropical dry forests, hosting a wide variety of animal and plant species, including the largest and most […]

Travel duration 9 Days - Starting price.. 2.650,00 €
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Grizzlies and Wolves of the Rainforest – Great Safari in the Great Bear Rainforest

THE LAND OF GRIZZLIES AND WOLVES  Grizzlies and wolves are significant animals in the ecosystem of the temperate rainforest of Western Canada. When we talk about rain forests, those of the Amazon, of Borneo, of Papua New Guinea, those of Australia and of Sub-Equatorial Africa come to mind immediately. Of course these, called Tropical, are all […]

Travel duration 11 Days - Starting price.. 3.850,00 €
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Mexico Tour | Baja California, Desert and Whales

BAJA CALIFORNIA: WHERE THE WHALES ARE STROKED Dreamy beaches, secluded bays and lagoons where whales congregate to breed and “take on” their young; the desert, oases and rare species of animals and plants; rock paintings, many Catholic missions and beautiful towns, typical relaxed atmosphere: these, in a nutshell, are the major attractions of this corner of […]

Travel duration 13 Days - Starting price.. 1.910,00 €
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Kayaking Adventure trip among Orcas

Imagine waking up one morning with the sound of a humpback whale swimming just under your tent near the ocean. The same day a group of orcas will swim silently beside your kayak, shortly afterwards followed by a bald eagle swooping from above on the water and holding a salmon. All this can happen during […]

Travel duration 13 Days - Starting price.. 2.900,00 €
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British Columbia Tour | Exploring Vancouver & Vancouver Island

Tour Western Canada,  Vancouver Island in British Columbia This itinerary focuses on the best of nature of the splendid coast of British Columbia Goal of this exploration: Vancouver Island, the most beautiful island in North America, recognized as the Top North America Island by Condè Nast Traveler. As big as two regions of Italy, it […]

Travel duration 8 Days - Starting price.. 1.180,00 €
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Last Frontier Super Fun Tour | Revel in Alaska Glaciers and Great Passes

Travellers know Alaska as the ‘land of the last frontier’. Teeming with nature, here you will find pristine islands, the most majestic of mountains, the strongest animals and the largest glaciers. Alaska is a land of extremes, with intense environmental conditions and unparalleled natural beauty, which reaches its height of colour and brilliance in the […]

Travel duration 21 Days - Starting price.. 4.180,00 €
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Tour to the West Coast of Canada and the North | Vancouver and the best of Alaska

    This trip is for those who want to see the best of Alaska but still want to visit the pearl of the West Coast: Vancouver, Canada. After being introduced to the city – considered for the past ten years to have the highest standard of living in the westernized world – you will […]

Travel duration 12 Days - Starting price.. 3.850,00 €
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West Canada Super Grand Tour | Rockies and Alaska

Canada, Alaska and the Rocky Mountains The main activity of this trip: eco-excursions. During this journey, you will be exposed to rich and untouched nature, with the chance of participating in several outdoor activities. The Northern Pacific coast betwee Canada and Alaska is an astonishing land, composed of a kaleidoscopic mix of landscapes that evoke […]

Travel duration 22 Days - Starting price.. 4.000,00 €
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British Columbia and Safari Grand Tour

British Columbia and Safari Grand Tour We are in British Columbia, a region characterized by spectacular nature and one of the most diverse and flourishing ecosystems on the planet. The vastness of the park areas in this region constitutes one third of the territory, with more than 60 million hectares of forests; that is as […]

Travel duration 18 Days - Starting price.. 2.830,00 €
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