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One of the activities in which we are involved here at Le Reve House Adventure is that of Ecotourism Sightseeing (oppure ‘by observation’), acquainting ourselves with the grand spectacle of nature through the observation of animals of the ocean such as the great whales, killer whales, and sea lions, and those of land including the the black bears and grizzlies, the elk, deer and caribou, as well as the large variety of birds from which arises the Bald Eagle, that great eagle which is the true symbol of this region.


We offer tours specially dedicated to the distinctive parks of the region among which is the true ‘feather in the cap’ of ecological conservation policy of British Columbia: the Great Bear Rain Forest, the most beautiful rain forest park in the world and recently recognized officially for this by the WWF and the United Nations. You will be able to observe in these memorable tours the incredible beauty of the creatures that inhabit these extraordinary parks, such as the Kermode bear, the black albino bear of the Great Bear Rain Forest, or his cousin the great Grizzly which lives in the Kuntzhmateen Sanctuary Park.
Appreciate and be profoundly moved by the deep dedication of the guides to these parks, for they are the only persons authorized to visit these places in the company of selected and serious visitors.


Inside the park area close to the northern outskirts of the city of Prince Rupert we find the sanctuary of the Grizzly bear, the Kuntzeymateen Sanctuary. In this beautiful park it is possible to observe, in total security, the grizzly bears in their natural environment. Bears fishing in the rivers and along the rapids are some of the attractions available to those selected tourists who respect the fragile local environment.
The tour is made possible thanks to the institution of guides specialized in the study of these gigantic bears. These guides have a special permit and are the only people qualified to accompany you in this unforgettable excursion.


Another beautiful park from which to begin the observation of a truly distinctive variety of animal life is that of the Pacific Rim Marine National Park which is found in the western part of Vancouver Island between the villages of Ucluelet and Tofino.
The true center of regional ‘Wildwatching’, the Pacific Rim is reached every year by tens of thousands of passionate observers wishing to participate in this special activity. There are many specialized companies offering this service, be it on a daily basis, for longer periods or by boat with rubber dinghies specially equipped for this unique ocean experience.
We at Reve House have contracted with the best operators in the area which guarantee the most beautiful observation experience with the highest level of safety.