Wild Watch Cruises

The small sightseeing cruises which we organize through our network of operators are truly enjoyable experiences for those who love navigating through untouched natural environments among waters teaming with life. During these navigation there will be an opportunity to observe and be in the company of groups of dolphins, killer whales and the beautiful humpback whales, as well as the Blue Pacific whales which are constantly in search of food during their migration along one of the most beautiful coasts in the world.
The nautical adventures include above all sailing, aboard the fabulous Schooners or in cabin cruisers or, also, in distinctive motorboats among which are, on occasion, specially equipped ex-Tugboats. The routes of these cruises take place along various straits, sounds, archipelagos and stretches of the sea in front of the designated reserves and parks running along the entire coast of British Columbia.

Here we explore one of the most beautiful corners of the sea in North America, an enormous area between Vancouver and the Northern Inside Passage , navigating through bays which take one’s breath away for their wild beauty and the small islands of the vast archipelagos, discovering crystalline waters full of such marvelous marine creatures as giant anemone and multicolored starfish.
In these areas you will have the special opportunity to be enchanted by the beauty and the wild virginity of places rarely touched by human feet and where you will feel like guests in a fragile and marvelous world. This is the domain of the Bear and the Sea Lion that share the land with the gigantic Grizzly and the Spirit Bear of the white ermine mantle, an incredibly beautiful creature, a true masterpiece of nature at its most prodigiously creative. It is precisely here that we will navigate aboard a boat highly equipped for these voyages of real and profound exploration. Many of our operators have received recognitions of merit as well as awards for excellence by Canadian, American and various international scientific societies.
Familiarize yourself with this unique activity by downloading our brochures dedicated specifically to the subject.