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The Caribbean you don’t expect

160104182517 best places retire 2016 cayo belize 780x439 - The Caribbean you don't expectTravel to feel good. Travelling opens your mind, this is common knowledge. Who have this passion do not give up moving as soon as they can and travel alone, with the family or in the way that is most congenial to him.

Who doesn’t dream trip to the Carebbean? Lands of great charm, easy to offer strong and unforgettable emotions. So famous, so cited and so easy, basically, to visit and appreciate especially if you are helped by those who know them well, even in the less publicized and more significant aspects.

With this name, the Caribbean, the countries bathed by the Caribbean Sea are identified. Some very famous, some others a little less, but all sought-after destinations for organized trips that define fantastic is an understatement.
 The Caribbean climate is tropical, warm, rather rainy but constant, the vegetation enchants and is lush and wild.
Where once the cotton plantations and coffee were among the main sources of income of the population, now the beauty of the beaches and natural attractions, combined with good tourist accommodation, makes this area a paradise in which to restore body and mind. Where to go on your honeymoon, spend time with family and children or enjoy moments of relaxation.
So let’s learn more about some Caribbean countries to decide where we will do the next, wonderful journey, which will make us come back full of energy and good memories.

An organized trip to the Caribbean, makes it easy and relaxing even beyond the borders of their own country, because you can move around without worries.
Mexico is a land full of signs of the past. Very interesting archaeological sites attract not only fans, but also those less inclined to deal with history. It is an area rich in biodiversity and holds several records as, for example, be the region with the most variety of reptiles, with over 700 known species. Tourism is growing steadily and an organized trip in Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula is increasingly chosen by people of all ages.
The Yucatan Peninsula is spectacular . To give but a few attraction ,the Cenotes, the Kukulkan Pyramid, the well known Playa del Carmen, the town of Campeche full of small museums, nature reserves and beaches where you can swim with turtles.
The unreal pink lagoon deserves a mention. Science explains that it is a kind of plankton, together with the Artemia – small red crustaceans – to donate this unusual, fairy-tale coloring.
Costa Rica, South of Mexico, is referred to as the happiest country in the world. An affirmation that intrigues curious travelers who want to discover
how they live in this country, unpretentious and with a smile on lips.
National parks and protected areas allow you to enjoy unique landscapes. Tortuguero is very similar to what is seen in the collective imagination as a paradise. A concentration of natural wonders to behold together with our love ones.

Travel arranged for safe travel.
An organized trip to the Caribbean is a dream easily achievable. Experienced professionals select places and attractions so as to enjoy the ambiance of the place. Nothing is left to chance and provides assistance for any eventuality may occur. That’s the beauty of take part in organized trips with family.
Baja California is perfect for water sports enthusiasts. Along its coasts are practiced surfing, deep sea fishing and any activity that makes happy beach lovers. Of course, sunbathing on sandy beaches is a very pleasant pastime!
Guatemala does not need much introduction. Included in the program of a trip, this area attracts, as well as the wonders of nature, with the mysterious charm of the Mayan civilization that here you can feel strong in the archaeological sites. There are active volcanoes, impressive Mayan ruins, but also simple human relationships and kind hospitality. A place to explore that offers so much, especially if you manage to grasp the most significant aspects. Lo stesso discorso può essere fatto per Belize, affacciato sul Mar dei Caraibi. The same can be done for Belize, overlooking the Caribbean. The Caribbean countries are characterized by common features, accentuated in an area rather than another, but manage to present new perspectives. Also in Belize there are Mayan ruins and lush forests, seas beautiful to practice snorkeling and diving and ,in addition, here you will find the Belize Barrier Reef, that is a wonderful Reef that surrounds the entire coastline, so spectacular to be part of Unesco.
Little Belize is bordered by Mexico and Guatemala and is developing tourism with commitment and with highly satisfactory results, especially thanks to the sense of hospitality and friendliness that animates the entire population. Places to dream and to live with serenity, thanks to the possibility to travel with the assistance of specialists in the field.
An organized trip can guarantee excitement and safety.