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The Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia


Considered the most beautiful rainforest park in the world, the Great Bear Rainforest Park Reserve owes its origin to the strong commitment of the international environmental organization GreenPeace, which in 2004 established the reserve and took care of the financing with a special law.  The Reserve covers over 60,000 square km, a territory between the coast and the Fjords, over 800 km long, one of the largest in the World as a Reserve. Due to being one of the largest areas with the oldest temperate rainforest in the world, it has recently been awarded by the WWF and the UN.
It is certainly one of the last paradises of the planet and here you can see the wonderful nature, consisting of rare and ancient forests with the planet’s oldest and majestic trees and the beauty of the many creatures that inhabit it.

The most representative are the wolves of the Temperate Rainforest, who have the same eating habits as their competitors, the Bears and the even more mysterious Kermode Bear, the Bear of the Spirit, a rare species present only here and its cousin, the great and mighty Grizzly, who lives in a vast and significant part of this Reserve. Among the areas where the presence of the Grizzly is most numerous there are, the Kuntzhmateen Sanctuary Park in the north of the Reserve, the area of Bella Coola, in the central part and the long Fords of Knight and Bute Inlet, in the South of the Reserve.

Just recently a great victory for all nature lovers: it has been permanently banned, by the Government of BC the sport hunting and Trophy Hunting in British Columbia, including the territory of the Great Bear Rainforest. The large reserve is today even more invaluable!