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Mexico and Riviera Maya – Guided Tour

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Riviera Maya – Yucatan

Decide to organize a trip to discovery Riviera Maya means to leave for beautiful places to know.
Yucatan Peninsula
, although belongs to Mexico, has its own identity. For this reason, during a stay in Mexico, you should definitely consider the idea to discover this territory. This autonomous identity represents a real strength, as well as a pride for the Yucatec population. The Maya origins of this people, in fact, are preserved and handed down from generation to generation so that they are not lost. These territories are special and are a must for a trip to Mexico. Not to be overlooked is the fact that, during a visit to the Mayan Riviera, there is only the opportunity to see the Mayan ruins or Cenotes. The Yucatan Peninsula offers many alternatives for each type of trip and every expectation will be met.
Who wants to feel strong experiences will be happy to have chosen Riviera Maya to spend the holiday. Just by observing the nature we remain impressed. The flora  is lush and we can experience the relaxation of a place far away from everyday stress. Even for sea lovers, it will be an unforgettable holiday. White beaches bathed by crystal clear water give the feeling of being lying in the sun in a true piece of paradise. Among the places not to be missed, there is Playa del Carmen. It must be specified that this is a reality that is now inflated and certainly not uncontaminated. Characterised by environmentally friendly construction offers many beaches perfect for spending a day in relax. Moreover, from here you have the possibility to embark for Cozumel, the largest island in the country, where unleash your passion for scuba diving. Diving enthusiasts can not miss also the opportunity to explore the seabed and admire the longest coral reef in North America and the second-longest in the world. The more adventurous will discover the Cenotes, karst cavities typical of the area of the Yucatan Peninsula. There is absolutely nothing to get bored. Being a precious area from the naturalistic point of view, some of the areas of the peninsula are protected. There are five so-called biosphere reserves where many species of animals are housed including jaguars, pumas and many other wild cats. There are, then, the monkeys. In these protected areas bird watchers have special sighting stations from which admire many species of birds, both resident and seasonal . Among many others, you can spot the American Stork, in particular in the area of Sian ka’an. With things to see and discover in the Riviera Maya, the best thing to do is contact a tour operator. You will be able to plan in detail all tours so you can see all the major attractions without omitting anything . However, in order to better enjoy such a holiday you must have at least a 10-15 day stay. We feel among the most prepared professionals to rely on to organize your own Trip to the Carebbean. With the experience and expertise gained, le Reve House Adventure Tour Operator guarantees reliability. We make available to all those who plan to leave for Yucatan a series of alternatives, taking into account the specific needs – budget and strictly personal. Prepare your luggage and leave, sure to come home with a wealth of unforgettable experiences.