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Guided Group Tour: British Columbia and Rocky Mountains

West Canada Tour – Guided Group Tour: British Columbia and Rocky Mountains A guided tour with our local guides. The formula we studied summed up in a fantastic travel experience with the comfort of a guided tour for a small group of friends. A trip of a lifetime, without problems while cross unknown places, because […]

Travel duration 14 Days - Starting price.. 3.550,00 €
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Classic tour of British Columbia and Inside Passage

The ‘West Canada Tour’ crosses the main and most beautiful resorts and hiking attractions in West Canada, between Alberta and British Columbia. Vancouver Island, the most beautiful island of Northern America and its ancient capital Victoria, the Inside Passage with its extremely high fjords and whales, Skeena River Valley and many sites of native culture, […]

Travel duration 16 Days - Starting price.. 2.660,00 €
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West Canada Super Grand Tour | Rockies and Alaska

Canada, Alaska and the Rocky Mountains The main activity of this trip: eco-excursions. During this journey, you will be exposed to rich and untouched nature, with the chance of participating in several outdoor activities. The Northern Pacific coast betwee Canada and Alaska is an astonishing land, composed of a kaleidoscopic mix of landscapes that evoke […]

Travel duration 22 Days - Starting price.. 4.000,00 €
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Western Canada | Grizzlies and Orcas of the West Coast

VANCOUVER ISLAND, the most beautiful island of North America, rated as Top North America Island by Condè Nast Traveller. As big as two Italian regions, it deserves its international fames for the beauty and variety of its locations and for the almost incomparable scenarios of wildlife. On the island, there is Victoria, the current capital […]

Travel duration 10 Days - Starting price.. 1.750,00 €
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Tour to the West Coast of Canada and the North | Vancouver and the best of Alaska

    This trip is for those who want to see the best of Alaska but still want to visit the pearl of the West Coast: Vancouver, Canada. After being introduced to the city – considered for the past ten years to have the highest standard of living in the westernized world – you will […]

Travel duration 12 Days - Starting price.. 3.850,00 €
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British Columbia and Alaska Grand Tour – short 17 days

The North Pacific Coast between British Columbia and Alaska is a magnificent land, composed by a kaleidoscopic set of environments with views and scenery of unparalleled beauty. The endless forests and mountains are enchanting, while fascinating animals frequent the wonderful rivers and oceans of British Columbia. Many species of cetaceans live here, including the largest […]

Travel duration 17 Days - Starting price.. 3.550,00 €
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Quebec from Montreal to Ottawa

Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa, the beautiful Quebec cities. The most beautiful parks in this area, including the great Saguenay Marine Park, offer dramatic and evocative landscapes that in the fall adorn themselves romantically of thousand shades, from yellow ocher to red rust. It is during this period that you can witness one of the […]

Travel duration 15 Days - Starting price.. 2.000,00 €
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Southern Baja California – Suv guided tour

 An exciting off-road itinerary along Baja California, with Italian guides among endless deserts, unspoilt crystalline bays, lagoons inhabited by friendly whales, colossal cacti, stunning canyons, remote ranches, eighteenth-century Jesuit missions, abandoned mines and millenary rock paintings. The path and the best guides to discover the secrets and flavors of Baja California, virgin land, unknown and generous. For […]

Travel duration 12 Days - Starting price.. 2.850,00 €
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British Columbia Tour | Exploring Vancouver & Vancouver Island

Tour Western Canada,  Vancouver Island in British Columbia This itinerary focuses on the best of nature of the splendid coast of British Columbia Goal of this exploration: Vancouver Island, the most beautiful island in North America, recognized as the Top North America Island by Condè Nast Traveler. As big as two regions of Italy, it […]

Travel duration 8 Days - Starting price.. 1.180,00 €
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Grizzlies and Wolves of the Rainforest – Great Safari in the Great Bear Rainforest

THE LAND OF GRIZZLIES AND WOLVES  Grizzlies and wolves are significant animals in the ecosystem of the temperate rainforest of Western Canada. When we talk about rain forests, those of the Amazon, of Borneo, of Papua New Guinea, those of Australia and of Sub-Equatorial Africa come to mind immediately. Of course these, called Tropical, are all […]

Travel duration 11 Days - Starting price.. 3.850,00 €
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