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Adventure fishing in British Columbia

Adventure travel and fishing with Le Reve House Adventure Fishing in the uncharted rivers of British Columbia Mini-group trip to fishing on Vancouver Island-8 days Fishing in British Columbia, it is known, is one of the most fascinating and exciting experiences for any fisherman from any country it comes.However, over the years this activity has […]

Travel duration 8 Days - Starting price.. 2.700,00 €
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Fishing trip | Hunting for billfishes in Central Pacific

Fishing for Marlin and others billfish in Central America – Panama and Costa Rica You can certainly say that deep sea fishing at Marlin and others billfish,  in the area between Costa Rica and Panama, is by far the best in the world. It is particularly rich in the summer period, from the middle of […]

Travel duration 8 Days - Starting price.. 3.670,00 €
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Salmon fishing & Whale watching in Vancouver Island

One of the most exhilarating and exciting travel experiences in the world: fishing  the world biggest salmon in their typical environment, the western coast of Vancouver island, that is also the greatest whales and killer whales concentration area throughout North America. Tofino, Ucluelet and the waters surrounding  the Pacific Rim are a kind of golden […]

Travel duration 6 Days - Starting price.. 1.550,00 €
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The Great Northern Adventures

British Columbia is known by travelers for its forests and its natural beauty. This region, and in particular Vancouver, its economic and administrative capital, boasts one of the world highest living standards.  Lying on a beautiful bay, enclosed between sea and mountains, that stay snow-capped  until May, to the delight of many skiing fans, it […]

Travel duration 13 Days - Starting price.. 3.500,00 €
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Chasing salmon in the valleys of Northern British Columbia

July is one of the most beautiful month here in British Columbia,  with the brisk air smelling like woods and sea, a mixture of moss and oystes.We are in the Skeena Valley, cradle of the most ancient Indian tribes in North America.  It is believed that, along the river Skeena there are tribes inhabiting this […]

Travel duration 10 Days - Starting price.. 2.700,00 €
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Fly Fishing the Kamloops Trout

Thompson-Nicola region, in Kamloops can be reached by car in less than 4 hours from Vancouver. It is home of the famous trout, the Kamloops trout, named from this area. Gordon, our local guide, specializes in fly fishing and has 36 years experience, a World Class acknowledgement for its activities.In this journey, Le Reve House […]

Travel duration 3 Days - Starting price.. 1.250,00 €
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Salmon heaven trophy adventure

Skeena River and Nass River waters  and those of their tributaries are known  to host the largest king salmon in the world (a record monstrous king salmon weighing nearly 100 pounds was caught and released by a local fisherman in 2001). The number and size of salmon entering  these rivers every year is impressive. You’ll fish […]

Travel duration 7 Days - Starting price.. 2.250,00 €
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The Autumn Steelheads of the Skeena

The Skeena River, the great river of northern British Columbia, with almost 70 tributaries along its course of about 700 km, is the longest artificial river in the world. In practice, a pristine and wild river, a feature that goes together with the fact to be the most prolific river of salmon in the world. […]

Travel duration 11 Days - Starting price.. 4.850,00 €
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Skeena Heaven Trophy Lodge

This package novelty mainly lays in the new Lodge that Le Reve Adventure House has acquired as the main location for its customers. The Skeena Trophy Lodge is located in a beautiful natural area, in a clearing on the banks of Skeena river, the great northern river, dominating it from a hillside terrace. Moreover, the […]

Travel duration 3 Days - Starting price.. 1.450,00 €
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Hunting the white sturgeon of Fraser River

Fraser river is one of the richest on earth as far as salmon is concerned, but it also is one of the last sanctuaries of giant white sturgeon.Here, in its peaceful waters, the  white sturgeon is protected by strictly implemented laws, and indeed their number is steadily growing. Thanks to these laws and to the […]

Travel duration 2 Days - Starting price.. 850,00 €
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